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5 Best Self Defense Weapons Under $10

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Is protecting your life worth the price of a couple of gourmet coffees? Listed below are five self defense devices that could protect you or a loved one from a mugging or worse and all for under $10. Be sure to check with your municipality to determine the legality of each item before purchasing. Be safe out there.

self defense stun gunStop an attacker in his tracks just by test firing this powerful little unit. Pushing the button creates an intimidating, crackling electrical arc that will cause second thoughts in any bad guy.

Simply touching prongs to their body delivers a high voltage shock that causes loss of balance and muscle control, sending him to his knees.

This stun gun is super compact and easily fits into your purse or pocket. It is fully rechargeable so there are no batteries to buy.

Sabre Keychain Pepper Spray

Be ready at all times with this Police grade OC pepper spray on a convenient key chain.

Sabre is the brand trusted by law enforcement you you know it will do the job.  The canister has an ergonomic grip and safety switch to prevent accidental discharge.

The unit has a 10′ range with up to 25 bursts so you have plenty of fire power when you need it. Less than $10 on Amazon.

Security Alarm Flashlight

This 2 pack of self-defense key chain alarms can be heard from over 600 ft away,   effectively scaring attackers and attracting help

It has a built in LED light for nighttime running, dog walking, or dark parking lots.

The 140db siren will run for up to 30 minutes or until the pin is reinserted. The units run on batteries. Less than $10 on Amazon.

Self Defense Keychain Pack

self defense keychain 5 packSupply the whole family or group with this 5 pack of self-defense kubatons made from solid aircraft aluminum.

Always available on your key chain, these ergonomically milled weapons fit nicely in your hand.

They can be used to fend off attackers, or even break a car window in an emergency. Get all five for less than $10.

Tactical Self Defense Pen

tactical self defense penSuitable for everyday use as a pen, this aerospace grade aluminum instrument can do damage as well.

This totally low key pen is also a formidable self defense weapon that collects DNA and breaks windows.

This package comes with one pen and 6 in refills. Keep on your desk, purse, pocket and in your hand when walking.

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