7 Best Secret Hidden Gun Storage Ideas

secret gun storage idea

As a firearm owner, you know how vital it is to secure your guns.

But at the same time, you want fast access to the weapon when needed. Here we offer some secure yet quickly accessible ideas for hidden gun storage.

There are a few different types of hidden gun safes, and each one has advantages and disadvantages.

You should first determine what type best fits your needs, then you can start shopping for the perfect hidden safe to keep your gun secure.

Hidden Drawer Gun Storage

Secret Shelf Gun Storage

Under Bed Hidden Gun Storage

Hidden Gun Storage Cabinet

Hidden Gun Storage End Table Furniture

Concealment Gun Bench

Concealment Gun Cabinet

Types of Hidden Gun Access:

RFID-Activated – This type of hidden safe uses RFID tags that are activated by a programmed chip in the firearm. It allows you to unlock the safe with your gun, and if anyone else tries to open it up, it is locked shut. The RFID lock opens in 1 second and provides lock out protection as well.

Biometric-ActivatedΒ  – This type of hidden gun safe uses biometrics to determine who can activate the lock. It has a fingerprint scanner, which allows you to unlock the gun safe only with your finger. The disadvantage is that they are generally more pricey than RFID-activated safes. These usually can hold multiple fingerprint IDs.

Key – This type of hidden gun safe uses a key to get into the gun safe. The advantage is that it’s very inexpensive and fairly easy to hide. The disadvantage is that you need to keep the key on your person whenever you want access to your firearm.

Combination Lock – This type of hidden gun safe uses a combination lock, so you do not need to keep the key on your person, but you need to remember either a combination or a code if it has one.

Magnetic Lock – These hidden gun storage safes open by passing a Neodymium Magnet in a specific place, in order to release the mechanism.

There are many different hidden gun safes available for purchase online and in stores. The best thing about having such a vast selection is that everyone can find just the right safe to fit their specific needs at an affordable price.

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