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Best Non Lethal Self Defense Gun

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The Byrna SD (successor of the Byrna HD) cost starts at $349 so if you are concerned with personal or home self defense but don’t want or can’t get a real firearm, the Byrna HD may be for you. Byrna HD is the top non lethal self defense gun that can incapacitate violent or attacking individuals with the pull of a trigger.

Best Home Defense Weapon not a Gun:

The Byrna does not require a special permit, a background check or even a waiting period. Read on to see why Byrna is considered to be the most effective, safest, non-lethal self-defense weapon on the market today.

Byrna HD coupon codeThe Byrna HD, the best pepperball gun, is a very effective, very powerful non-lethal self defense gun that goes with you nearly everywhere.

It shoots a .68 caliber round kinetic and chemical irritant projectile that is powered by compressed air (CO2). The rounds burst upon impact and send a cloud of tear gas powder or powerful pepper and has a range of 60′. This non lethal weapon is not considered a firearm. The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms considers it similar to paintball and air soft guns

The gun  and comes in multiple colors including Bright Yellow, Safety Orange, Desert Tan, Gray, and Black. and in 4 different kits. The website also offers a large selection of accessories including lasers, flashlights and holsters. Additional clips, ammo and Co2 cartridges can also be ordered.

Byrna Technologies offers factory warranty of one year from the original date of purchase.

The cost of the Byrna kit varies depending the accessories you want but all are in the mid to low $300 range.  The Byrna HD is California legal with the Byrna HD Kinetic Kits and Byrna HD Launcher Only Kits.  The site has more than 880 5 star reviews as of this writing. Get yours today…

Check Byrna Prices on Amazon.

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For the safety and security of you and your family, get a BYRNA today.

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