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Best Tactical Dog Harness Vest

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A tactical dog harness is a product that is becoming more popular now days.

These tactical dog vests come in multiple colors like tan, black and pink. Top brands include Auroth, Icefang and Onetigris.

It was originally designed for the military, but now it has found its way into homes of pet owners as well.

While you are still able to use your dog’s leash on the collar only, this new tactical harness provides a much better and safer control over your pet.

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A tactical dog harness has several beneficial features that an ordinary collar doesn’t have. The most important thing about this new equipment is its design – based on the military gear, every part of the harness serves a particular purpose. It’s made from nylon or leather, and unlike collars, it doesn’t restrict the dog’s movements but instead provides a tight fit around its torso.

The straps are adjustable, so you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your pet. What is more, there is also a handle on top of it that allows you to regain control over your four-legged friend when he runs away or tries to attack someone. The handle is also useful in training sessions since you can lead your dog and give him commands.

The harness comes with a D-ring that connects the leash, and it should be located on the dog’s back (between its shoulder blades). If you prefer using two separate leashes, there is also a ring on the front. The leash and harness must be made from the same material to match each other, and there is no risk of them tearing or wearing down.

The tactical dog harness can be used as a way to walk your pet, but it’s also excellent for training purposes. There are multiple commands you can teach your dog with the help of this harness. Tell him to ‘sit.’ you pull up on the handle, and his butt will fall on the ground.

To make him ‘heel’ or follow you, attach your leash to his collar (or neck) and then bring the end of it to the harness’ handle. This way, he won’t be able to run away or pull you. If your dog is good at jumping on people, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to stop this bad habit with a tactical harness – lift him by the handle and tell him ‘no.’

One important reason owners decide to purchase this equipment for their pets is safety. In certain states, you are not allowed to use a regular collar when walking your dog. The law requires all dogs to wear a special type of equipment to prevent them from slipping out or choking – this is where tactical harnesses outperform ordinary collars.

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