Best Taser Cane Stun Gun Walking Stick

taser cane

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Used for self defense, the Stun gun, AKA tactical walking sticks look like ordinary canes, but they have a stun gun inside. Just push the button to light up the tip of the cane. It usually takes several seconds for an attacker to recover from the shock that the stun gun delivers.

Stun guns are easy to carry, but that doesn’t mean you should be foolish about using them. Use them only in desperate circumstances. Be careful not to walk around with your stun gun on unless you are prepared to use it on an attacker.

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A stun gun is a non-lethal weapon that produces an electric shock. Stun guns come in different sizes and power levels. The higher the voltage, the lower the amperage. A typical stun gun has a voltage of one million volts and an amperage of one hundred thousand milliamps.

When you’re ready to use the device, simply push a button on the side of the handle and hold it against your target for two seconds — also enough time for them to read the warning.