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Byrna Gun: Uncovering the Facts and Features

Per FTC regulations we are required to disclose that “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases” and other programs at no extra cost to you. Please refer to our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.

The Byrna Gun is a non-lethal self-defense weapon that has gained popularity for its effectiveness and legality. It uses compressed CO2 to fire .68 caliber projectiles at high velocity, offering users a way to protect themselves without resorting to lethal force.

These projectiles, known as Byrna Rounds, come in a variety of options, including chemical irritants, inert powder, and kinetic impact projectiles, making them adaptable to a range of self-defense situations.

As a less-lethal alternative to traditional firearms, the Byrna Gun is an appealing option for those who want a reliable means of self-defense without the risk of causing permanent harm or death. It is a handheld launcher that is legal to carry in all 50 states* and can fire a range of projectiles designed for different purposes, such as training, self-defense, or even environmental-friendly options.

Because it’s not considered a firearm, there are no background checks or permits required for purchase, making it accessible for a wider audience.

Key Takeaways

  • The Byrna Gun offers non-lethal self-defense with a variety of projectile options
  • Legally accessible in all 50 states* without background checks or permits
  • A viable alternative to traditional firearms for self-defense situations

Byrna Gun Overview

As someone who is knowledgeable about Byrna Guns, I can confidently say that Byrna Guns are innovative non-lethal self-defense weapons. They provide a less-lethal alternative to traditional firearms, making them a popular choice for personal safety and home protection.

The core of the Byrna system is the Byrna Launcher, which is not considered a firearm but rather a highly effective self-defense weapon. This launcher uses compressed CO2 to fire .68 caliber projectiles at high velocity. These projectiles come in various forms, including environmentally-friendly practice rounds, hard polymer (kinetic) rounds for training or self-defense, and chemical irritant rounds designed for self-defense, such as pepper spray or tear gas.

One of the latest additions to the Byrna lineup is the Byrna SD, which is the successor to the best-selling Byrna HD. The Byrna SD offers the ultimate in less-lethal self-defense with its sleek design and 325 FPS / 19rd coupled magazines. Another model designed for a tactical approach is the Byrna TCR Compact Rifle, which features a military-style look and can be easily customized and upgraded using four standard Picatinny rails.

Byrna Technologies develops and markets these non-lethal weapons, making them legal to carry in all 50 states in the US, including California. However, they should only be used for lawful purposes like self-defense, as they are not toys.

While Byrna Guns may resemble a traditional pistol, they are designed to avoid causing serious injury or death. For this reason, they present an alternative to traditional firearms in situations where a less-lethal option is preferred.

It’s worth mentioning that the company behind these innovative weapons is not only focused on less-lethal options, but also offers other products in the self-defense market. For example, the Byrna LE is an alternative to Byrna Guns for law enforcement professionals, who might require a more powerful non-lethal device.

In summary, the Byrna Gun is a reliable and effective non-lethal self-defense weapon that provides a less-lethal alternative to traditional firearms. With various models available, like the Byrna SD and Byrna TCR Compact Rifle, individuals can choose the best option for their personal safety and home protection needs.

Byrna TCR Ultimate Bundle

The TCR Ultimate Bundle comes with (1) TCR Launcher, (5) 12-Gram CO2 Cartridges, (2) 50-Count bags of Byrna Kinetic Projectiles, (1) 7-Round Magazine, (1) 12-Round Magazine and (1) Byrna branded rifle bag.

Check Price on Amazon

Components and Functioning

CO2 Cartridge

One of the key components of the Byrna Gun is the CO2 cartridge. This cartridge provides the compressed air needed to propel the .68 caliber rounds out of the launcher effectively. The use of compressed CO2 ensures a high-velocity shot with minimal noise, making it safer and less alarming to those nearby. The Byrna Gun is designed to accommodate standardized 12-gram CO2 cartridges, which can be found in most stores that sell airsoft or paintball equipment.

.68 Caliber Round

The Byrna Gun uses .68 caliber rounds that provide different functions depending on the specific type of projectile. There are environmentally friendly practice rounds, hard polymer (kinetic) rounds used for training or self-defense, and chemical irritant rounds specifically designed for self-defense. These projectiles are fired at high speeds to ensure maximum impact upon an attacker, giving you the time and distance needed to get to safety.

Chemical Irritant Projectiles

To deter an attacker effectively, the Byrna Gun offers chemical irritant projectiles. These rounds contain a powerful chemical irritant, much like pepper spray or tear gas, that can cause extreme discomfort and temporary incapacitation upon impact. When fired, the chemical irritant projectiles burst upon contact, releasing their contents and disabling the threat without resorting to lethal force. The use of these non-lethal projectiles prioritizes your safety while minimizing the risk of causing irreversible harm to others.

In summary, the Byrna Gun is a versatile and effective non-lethal self-defense weapon that utilizes CO2 cartridges, .68 caliber rounds, and chemical irritant projectiles. It offers a reliable means to protect yourself and your loved ones without the need for deadly force.

Legal Aspects and Regulations

Background Checks and Waiting Periods

In my experience, Byrna guns are considered non-lethal self-defense weapons, thus they typically do not require background checks or waiting periods like traditional firearms. Some local laws may differ, so always consult your local state regulations to ensure compliance.

Permits and State Laws

As a non-lethal option, I have found that in many places, Byrna guns do not require permits or licenses for ownership or use. However, it’s essential to check state and local regulations, as laws governing these self-defense tools can vary depending on the jurisdiction. For instance, while the Byrna is legal in all 50 US states, some states place restrictions on the “pepper” and “tear gas” ammo. Additionally, certain municipalities impose limitations on CO2 powered weapons like the Byrna.

When it comes to shipping restrictions, I’ve learned that Byrna guns can be subject to them depending on the state or jurisdiction. It’s recommended to review any shipping limitations before purchasing a Byrna gun online.

Interstate travel can also involve different regulations for Byrna guns, as laws may vary from state to state. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of the laws and regulations in any states you plan to visit with your Byrna gun.

In New York, as an example, some restrictions apply to the Byrna gun, particularly regarding the type of ammo used. As always, check with local law enforcement agencies for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the use and ownership of Byrna guns within your state.

In conclusion, while Byrna guns provide a non-lethal self-defense option, it’s essential to remain knowledgeable about the legal aspects and regulations that may vary by state or municipality. Staying informed and following the guidelines set forth by your local jurisdiction will ensure responsible and lawful use of these self-defense tools.

Comparison with Other Self-Defense Weapons

Traditional Firearms

In contrast with traditional firearms, the Byrna Gun is a non-lethal self-defense weapon. It uses compressed CO2 to fire projectiles, known as Byrna Rounds, at high velocity. These rounds can be filled with chemical irritants, inert powder, or kinetic impact projectiles, making them safer to use for defense purposes. While I understand that a traditional firearm might provide more stopping power, the Byrna Gun serves as an effective alternative for those who want to minimize the potential for tragedy.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is another self-defense option that many people rely on. It is an aerosol that contains an irritant designed to incapacitate an attacker temporarily. The Byrna Gun has a similar approach and can fire projectiles containing chemical irritants, like pepper spray. The key difference, however, is that the Byrna Gun provides a higher range and accuracy, providing me with more control over my defense strategy.


A hammer is sometimes considered a useful tool for self-defense. While it’s heavy and solid, using it in a self-defense situation can be more challenging than it seems. The Byrna Gun, on the other hand, is compact and lightweight, making it more accessible for people to carry in a purse or nylon holsters for convenient self-defense.


Knives are another option for self-defense, but they come with their own set of risks. Close combat with a knife can put both the attacker and defender in danger. The Byrna Gun allows me to maintain distance from an assailant while defending myself or others, minimizing the physical risk involved.

Baseball Bat

A baseball bat is often seen as a practical self-defense weapon. However, it requires significant space and force to be effective. Using a baseball bat can also be cumbersome and difficult to carry around for daily protection. The Byrna Gun offers a more compact and practical solution, making it easier for me to have a reliable self-defense tool at my disposal.

In summary, the Byrna Gun stands out among other self-defense weapons due to its non-lethal approach, range, and accuracy. With its CO2-powered projectiles and various round types, it serves as a versatile and practical option for protecting oneself without resorting to deadly force. The brand supports its product with a solid warranty, instilling a sense of confidence in my decision to choose the Byrna Gun as my go-to self-defense weapon.

Effectiveness and Safety

Effective Range

The Byrna Gun is designed to provide an effective range for personal safety and self-defense. Its projectiles can travel up to 60 feet (18 meters), which allows me to maintain a safe distance from potential threats. This range makes the Byrna an ideal choice for those looking to protect themselves without getting too close to danger.

Incapacitating Potential

When it comes to incapacitating an attacker, the Byrna Gun offers two types of projectiles: kinetic and pepper. The kinetic projectiles are made to strike with enough force to deter an assailant, while the pepper projectiles contain 5% Oloresin Capsicum (OC) for added stopping power. The combination of these projectiles ensures a higher chance of stopping an attacker in their tracks, providing the peace of mind needed for personal safety.

  • Kinetic Projectiles: Designed for impact without causing lasting harm
  • Pepper Projectiles: Contains 5% OC, a strong irritant to incapacitate an assailant

Ease of Use

One of the most important factors in choosing a self-defense tool is its ease of use. The Byrna Gun is designed to be simple to operate, even for those with little experience in handling firearms. Its lightweight and ergonomic design allow for comfort and control, making it an ideal choice for personal safety.

I appreciate the variety of colors, such as black and pink, and the availability of tactical holsters that cater to different customers’ preferences. By carrying a Byrna Gun, I can feel more confident in my ability to escape potential threats while deterring potential assailants.

In conclusion, the Byrna Gun by Byrna Technologies Inc is a valuable self-defense tool that combines effectiveness, safety, and ease of use. As a customer, I can trust in its performance to provide me the personal safety and peace of mind I need while navigating today’s unpredictable world. Overall, the Byrna Gun is a reliable and responsible choice for self-defense.

Market and Buyer Preferences

Reviews and Popularity

I have observed that the Byrna Gun has been gaining popularity among private citizens for its convenience, compact design, lightweight, and ease of use. It’s been well received in the market as a personal security device for those who want to protect themselves and their loved ones without resorting to a real firearm. Reviews from users have highlighted its effectiveness as a less-lethal self-defense option.

Available Options and Accessories

The Byrna Gun offers a variety of ammunition options, including Byrna Pepper and Byrna Kinetic rounds. Byrna Pepper rounds contain tear gas powder and can cause respiratory distress to an attacker, while Byrna Kinetic rounds consist of hard polymer .68 caliber projectiles, mainly used for training or self-defense purposes. The gun is powered by CO₂ cartridges, which provide the necessary force to launch the projectiles.

In addition to the ammunition, the Byrna Gun is made from high-quality materials such as glass-reinforced polymers, ensuring durability and reliability. There are also various accessories available to enhance the user experience, such as nylon holsters for easier carry and quick access when required.

Here’s a summary of the key features and accessories:

  • Ammunition: Byrna Pepper (tear gas powder), Byrna Kinetic (hard polymer .68 caliber projectiles)
  • Power source: CO₂ cartridges
  • Materials: Glass-reinforced polymers
  • Accessories: Nylon holsters

With its growing popularity and the available range of options, the Byrna Gun has become a reliable choice for those who value personal security and wish to avoid the risks associated with traditional firearms.

Byrna Technologies Inc

Company Background

Byrna Technologies Inc. is a company that produces the best-in-class CO2-powered handheld personal security device, called Byrna. Its mission is to provide individuals with the safest and most effective non-lethal self-defense option. Byrna launchers fire less-lethal, 68-caliber chemical irritants (tear gas and pepper) along with kinetic projectiles designed to incapacitate attackers for up to 40 minutes. As the manufacturer, they specifically focus on precision parts to enhance the effectiveness and ease of use of their launchers.

NASDAQ Listing

Byrna Technologies is publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol NASDAQ: BYRN. This implies that the company has successfully met the requirements to be listed on the stock exchange, giving investors an opportunity to invest in and support the growth of Byrna Technologies. Being listed on the NASDAQ exchange is also a testimony to the company’s commitment to transparency and adherence to regulatory requirements in its business practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Byrna guns different from firearms?

Byrna guns are designed to be non-lethal and use compressed air or gas to launch projectiles, such as pellets or paintballs. Unlike firearms, they are not intended to cause serious injury or death. These guns are powered by CO2 cartridges, similar to paintball or airsoft guns.

Can Byrna guns be legally owned by felons?

Yes, Byrna guns are not considered firearms, and as such, they can be legally owned by felons. They are legal to carry in all 50 states in the U.S., but some states may place restrictions on certain types of ammunition, such as pepper or tear gas ammo.

How effective is a Byrna gun for self-defense?

Byrna guns are effective for self-defense due to their non-lethal nature and ability to cause temporary pain or discomfort to an attacker. They have an effective range of up to 60 feet, with a projectile velocity of 285 feet per second. This makes them a suitable option for personal protection without the risk of causing serious harm.

Where can I purchase a Byrna gun?

Byrna guns can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website or through various authorized dealers both online and offline.

How can I adjust the velocity of a Byrna gun?

Adjusting the velocity of a Byrna gun might not be possible as it depends on the design and model. However, it’s always recommended to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions for usage and maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

Are there any common complaints about Byrna guns?

As with any product, there might be some complaints and concerns from users. It is essential to research user reviews and feedback to understand potential issues and make an informed decision based on personal needs and preferences. Remember, always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure the safe and effective use of your Byrna gun.

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Byrna TCR vs Mission 4

Per FTC regulations we are required to disclose that “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases” and other programs at no extra cost to you. Please refer to our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.

The Byrna TCR (Tactical Carbine Rifle) and Byrna Mission 4 are both non-lethal self-defense weapons produced by Byrna Technologies. While they are similar in some ways, they have a few key differences that set them apart.

Byrna TCR Ultimate Bundle

The TCR Ultimate Bundle comes with (1) TCR Launcher, (5) 12-Gram CO2 Cartridges, (2) 50-Count bags of Byrna Kinetic Projectiles, (1) 7-Round Magazine, (1) 12-Round Magazine and (1) Byrna branded rifle bag.

Check Price on Amazon
  • Design: The Byrna TCR is a compact non lethal self defense weapon with a rifle-like appearance. The Byrna Mission 4 has an AR-15 style M-LOK shroud with 4-sided picatinny rails.
  • Range: The Byrna Mission 4 has a longer range than the , with a maximum range of up to 175 feet. The TCR, on the other hand, has a maximum range of 75 feet.
  • Capacity: The Byrna TCR holds 12 rounds of non-lethal projectiles and is capable of shooting at speeds of over 300 feet per second. The Mission 4 holds 19 rounds and up to 38 if clips are coupled. It is capable of firing 60 rounds per cartridge at over 300 feet per second .
  • Power: The Byrna TCR is less powerful than the Mission 4, using the popular 12gr CO2 cartridge. The Mission 4, on the other hand, utilizes an 88g CO2 canister.
  • Price: The Byrna TCR is about $150 less expensive than the Mission 4.

Byrna Mission 4:

The Mission 4 is a non-lethal self-defense weapon that offers a variety of features for maximum performance and convenience. It is fully pneumatic, meaning it does not rely on batteries or electronics, making it easy to operate and maintain. The high-performance in-line bolt system ensures reliable and accurate shooting every time.

The Mission 4 is built with a durable magnesium receiver, and comes with an AR-15 style M-LOK shroud that includes 4-sided picatinny rails for easy attachment of accessories. It has integrated sling mounts and flip-up adjustable front and rear sights for better accuracy. The vertical fore grip allows for a comfortable and secure hold on the weapon.

The Two position external selector switch allows the user to switch between safe or firing mode. It comes with two 19 round magazines, one in orange and one in black, with a magazine coupler, perfect to run Byrna Kinetic in the black mag and Byrna Pepper in the orange mag.

The Mission 4 uses 88g CO2 cartridge, which allows the unit to always be ready without concern for high pressure air tanks leaking or needing to get them refilled.

This non lethal self defense  weapon has a high visibility less lethal orange coloration for easy identification, it has an anodized orange fully aluminum charging handle and high performance anodized orange barrel with muzzle brake. The Gas On/Off slide valve allows the user to disconnect the CO2 source from the launcher making it easy to use and maintain.

Mission 4 Bundle includes the following:

– Mission 4 launcher (with CO2 adapter + CO2 stock)
– Byrna branded Rifle bag ($100 Value)
– 2x 19 rd coupled magazines
– Small accessory kit (extra o-rings, allen key, lubricant)
– 2x twin pack of 88g CO2 cartridges (4 cartridges total)
– 2x 95ct of Byrna Kinetic

Ultimately, which weapon is best for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. The TCR is more powerful and has a greater range, but it is also more expensive and requires two hands to use. The Mission 4 is more compact and easy to carry, but it has a shorter range and less firepower.

Byrna TCR:

The TCR, or Tactical Compact Rifle, is a powerful and reliable non-lethal weapon that is perfect for both home defense and recreational use. The rifle is designed with a compact, military-style look that is easy to customize and upgrade with the standard four Picatinny rails.

The TCR features a high-performance in-line bolt system and a durable magnesium receiver, which ensures reliable and accurate shooting. The rifle also includes folding front and rear sights, a vertical front grip, and an 11-inch high-performance barrel.

The TCR comes complete with 7-round and 12-round extended magazines, as well as a fully padded carbine carry case for easy transportation. This versatile magfed less-lethal launcher is truly the most comprehensive option on the market today, providing the perfect balance of power, accuracy and customization for any user.


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Is it Legal to Carry a Pepper Ball Gun?

Per FTC regulations we are required to disclose that “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases” and other programs at no extra cost to you. Please refer to our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.

In most situations, locations and states, it is legal to carry a pepper gun. but read on for caveats…

The pepper ball gun is a highly effective non-lethal weapon that can be used for self-defense. It is one of the best options available on the market, and it can help keep you safe in a variety of situations.

If you’re considering carrying pepper spray or a pepper ball gun for self-defense, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each. Here are some frequently asked questions that can help you make the best determination for your personal protection needs.

Choosing the right less-lethal weapon is essential for self-defense. Start by preparing mentally and physically, and then do your research to find the best weapon for your abilities.

Are Pepper Ball Guns Effective?

Pepper balls are a type of projectile that is fired from a pepper ball gun. They are designed to break open on impact and release a cloud of pepper spray. The active ingredient in pepper spray is capsaicin, which is an irritant that causes burning and inflammation.

Can Civilians Own Pepper Ball Guns?

Pepper balls are a type of ammunition that is used in pepper ball guns. These guns are designed to fire balls that release a cloud of pepper spray when they come into contact with a target. Pepper balls are considered to be non-lethal weapons, and as such, there are specific regulations governing their use and possession.

In most jurisdictions, civilians are not allowed to carry pepper ball guns. However, they may be able to possess them if they have a valid reason for doing so, such as using them for self-defense.

Where Can Pepper Spray Be Carried?

Pepper spray can be carried in many places, but there are some places where it is not allowed. Carrying pepper spray in a prohibited place is a fineable offense. There are also some places where carrying pepper spray is legal, but doing so poses a significant risk. In general, it is legal to carry pepper spray, but there are some exceptions.

Pepper Ball Gun Pros:

Pepper balls can be effective at a distance of up to 100 feet. The main advantage of using a pepper ball gun is that it allows you to target an assailant from a distance without having to get close to them.

This can be useful in situations where you feel threatened but do not want to engage in physical violence. Pepper spray is an inexpensive and effective way to deter an attacker. It is non-lethal and easy to use, even for those with no prior self-defense training. Additionally, pepper spray is mostly legal in all 50 states.

Pepper Ball Gun Cons:

Pepper spray can be ineffective if the wind is blowing in your direction, or if the attacker is wearing thick clothing. It can also be dangerous to use indoors or in enclosed spaces because it can affect innocent bystanders as well as your attacker. Finally, pepper spray can be debilitating, but it will not stop a determined attacker. If you feel that your life is in danger, do not hesitate to call 911.

What are the Best Pepper Ball Guns?

PepperBall TCP Personal Defense Launcher, Non-Lethal Semi-Automatic Tactical Combat Pistol, Police Grade Pepper Ball Gun for Self Defense PepperBall Mobile Lightweight Personal Defense Launcher Kit, Non-Lethal Protection Pepper Ball for Self Defense Includes Projectiles and Cartridges

Pepper Spray Laws California:

In California, the maximum amount of pepper spray that can be legally carried in a container is 2.5 ounces. Pepper spray may be used for your protection against human attackers, attacking dogs, bears, mountain lions and other wild animals. It is an effective way to protect yourself in a dangerous situation.

Anyone who uses pepper spray in California should be aware that the product is only meant for self-defense. It should only be used in situations where you believe your life or safety is threatened. Failing to follow these guidelines could result in serious injury or even death.

Using pepper spray because you’re angry is against the law with penalties of fines and even prison time.

Pepper Spray Laws New York:

It is legal for people who are not felons and who are 18 years or over to possess “self-defense sprays” for the protection of person or property.

“Self-defense spray” is defined as “a pocket sized spray device which contains and releases a chemical or organic substance which is intended to produce temporary physical discomfort or disability through being vaporized or otherwise dispensed in the air or any like device containing tear gas, pepper spray or similar disabling agent.”

There are certain labeling requirements that all products must meet in order to be sold. These requirements help to ensure that consumers are able to make informed decisions about the products they purchase.

  • In order to sell any products, a seller’s license is required. Furthermore, the purchaser must also complete a registration form. Only when both of these things have been done can a sale be finalized.
  • In the state of New York, residents may only purchase defense sprays from licensed firearms dealers or licensed pharmacists. A maximum of two sprays may be sold to a single purchaser at one time. Section 265.25 (14) and (15).

Pepper Spray Laws Illinois:

In the state of Illinois, it is legal to purchase, carry and use pepper spray for self defense. This includes the city of Chicago. At present, the state of Illinois does not have any laws in place dictating how large pepper spray canisters can be, how potent their formula can be, or what style of canister they come in.

This lack of regulation means that individuals are free to purchase and carry whatever type of pepper spray they feel best suits their needs. The laws are very clear on this matter: residents who are 18 years of age or older are allowed to use and carry non-lethal pepper spray in an appropriate manner for self defense. This is a great way to protect yourself without having to resort to more lethal means.

Pepper Spray Laws Massachusetts:

The citizens of Massachusetts are allowed to carry pepper spray for the purpose of personal protection and self-defense. However, it is illegal to use pepper spray while committing or perpetrating a crime.

Pepper Spray Laws Georgia:

In Georgia, there is no specific statute that prohibits or limits the use of pepper spray, or any similar products. This means that it is legal to buy, carry, and use pepper spray in the state of Georgia. You can also ship pepper spray to Georgia without any legal consequences.


Use this information at your own risk. This is not legal advice.  Always check with your local jurisdiction before buying or using pepper spray self defense weapons.

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The Top 5 Best Pepper Ball & Spray Guns Reviewed for 2023

Per FTC regulations we are required to disclose that “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases” and other programs at no extra cost to you. Please refer to our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.

List of the Best Pepper Ball Guns

Pepper Ball Gun Review

Best Pepper Ball Gun 2023

Best Pepper Ball Gun 2022 Update: In this Pepper Ball Gun Review, we’ll take a look at some of the top performing non lethal pepperball launchers used for self defense.

A top rated in our pepper ball gun review is the PepperBall TCP. This is a high quality pepper spray gun and an excellent self-defense tool for civilians. The TCP Tactical Compact Pistol combines a strong light, impact weapon, and OC delivery at a distance. This pepper ball gun is likely your best option for home defense and will be threatening to an assailant or home invader. The Pepperball TCP is a less lethal option that keeps attackers at a distance with Co2 powered pepper strongest ball rounds can fire up to 150 feet and incapacitate a potential attacker for up to 40 plus minutes.

Are you looking for a self-defense tool that is non-lethal, but still packs a punch? If so, you may want to consider a pepper ball gun. Pepper ball guns use compressed air to fire small balls filled with capsaicin (the active ingredient in chili peppers).

These balls can cause an attacker significant pain and discomfort, which may be enough to deter them from continuing their assault. Read on to determine the best pepper gun for your needs.

Best Pepperball Gun for Self Defense

What is the Best Pepperball Gun?

Byrna SD:

The Byrna SD is a non-lethal self-defense device that can be used to defend yourself or your home. It is a handheld device that launches projectiles at a high velocity, and can be used to deter or stop an attacker.

The Byrna HD is legal in most states, and does not require a permit to purchase or carry. It is important to note that the Byrna HD is not a toy, and should only be used in self-defense situations.

Pepper Ball Gun Review: “I purchased a Byrna HD an couldn’t be happier with the quality and design. I test fired a target ball into an oak tree at 10 yards and was impressed at the accuracy and power of the unit.  I carry it in my pickup and feel safer knowing that I have a solid form of protection at my side.” JV

Pros:  Well engineered with a good grip, ambidextrous safety switch. Comes with 2-5 round clips.

Cons: The black and tan models look very similar to a real hand gun so care must be taken around law enforcement.

The Byrna SD shoots .68 caliber rounds filled with pepper powder and tear gas. The rounds are designed to break on impact, and release the contents immediately. The Byrna SD has a range of up to 100 feet, and can be used to shoot multiple rounds in quick succession.

The Byrna SD is a great option for those looking for a non-lethal self-defense device that is easy to use and legal in most states.

The Byrna SD is a great self-defense tool for anyone who wants an easy to use, non-lethal option for defending themselves. It is also a good choice for people who live in states that allow concealed carry, as it can be carried with you easily.

How does the Byrna Gun Work?

It works by firing small, spherical projectiles that are filled with a chemical irritant, similar to pepper spray.

When fired, the Byrna gun uses compressed air to propel the projectile towards the target. The projectile contains a chemical irritant that is designed to cause temporary incapacitation and disorientation when it comes into contact with the target.

The Byrna gun uses CO2 cartridges to power its firing mechanism, and it can hold up to 5 rounds at a time. The gun is designed to be easily reloadable, and it features a safety mechanism to prevent accidental firing.

In addition to firing chemical irritant projectiles, the Byrna gun can also be loaded with solid projectiles, such as rubber balls, for a non-lethal impact. This can be useful in situations where the user needs to defend themselves against an aggressive animal or to create a diversion.

Byrna SD Specifications and Features:

  • Up to 300 feet per second average projectile speed.
  • Caliber .68
  • Magazine capacity 5 rounds
  • Ergonomic honeycomb grip for better control in all conditions.
  • Improved sights for faster target acquisition.
  • Straight trigger with a 6.5 lb. …
  • Ambidextrous safe/fire switch that allows for easy toggling for both left-handed and right-handed individuals.

The Byrna SD is a bit more expensive than some other self-defense tools, but it is worth the money for the quality and ease of use. The Byrna SD costs less than $400. Learn more at or and use coupon code 4004D484.

PepperBall TCP

PepperBall TCP is a non-lethal self-defense weapon designed to help you defend yourself in any situation.

The TCP (Tactical Control Projectile) is a compressed air launcher that fires small, soft, gel-filled balls. The gel inside the ball breaks open on impact, releasing a cloud of irritant powder that affects the respiratory system, eyes, and skin.

The PepperBall TCP is an excellent self-defense tool for civilians, law enforcement officers, and military personnel. It is easy to use and requires no special training. The TCP can be used at close or long range, making it a versatile weapon for any situation.

The PepperBall TCP is a safe, non-lethal way to defend yourself and your family. It is an effective self-defense tool that can be used in any situation.

Pros: Has a 150′ launch distance, 6 round clip and picatinny rail for accessories.

Cons: Size is a bit bulky, price may high for some.

Specifications and Features:

  • Semi-automatic
  • Caliber .68
  • Power 8g CO2/ 1.3gN2
  • Ultra-light weight construction
  • 6 round magazine capacity
  • Up to 150 FT launch distance
  • Compatible with both standard round projectile and VXR projectiles (sold separately)
  • Mil-standard 1913 picatinny rail accommodates most rail mount accessories
  • Compact size fits in a holster (sold separately)
  • Uses both
    • Ncartridges (8 gram ONLY- not compatible with 12 gram cartridges used in the LifeLite Launcher)

The Pepperball TCP is a high quality pepperbal launcher and can be found on .


The Sabre Sl7 pepper gun is a law enforcement grade self-defense weapon that can fire up to 7 shots of OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) pepper spray at a range of up to 16 feet.

It is the latest model in the SABRE series of pepper guns, and features a new ergonomic design for better grip and handling. The SL7 also has a built-in laser sight for improved accuracy, and comes with a free pepper spray holster.

The SL7 is perfect for anyone looking for an easy to use, effective self-defense weapon. It’s especially well suited for law enforcement officers, security personnel, and civilians who want to be prepared for a potential attack. The SL7 is also a great choice for pepper spray enthusiasts who want to upgrade to a more powerful and accurate pepper gun.

Pros: Seven round clip and uses 12g CO2 and reasonable price.

Cons: Large size, one color only

Sabre SL7 Specifications:

  • Caliber .68
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Propellant 12 gram CO2
  • Magazine Capacity 7 rounds
  • Range 66 meters
  • Velocity 330 feet per second

The Sabre SL7 is priced in the low to mid $300 range and is also available on

Hero 2020 Pepper Ball Gun

The Hero 2020 pepperball weapon has an innovative design utilizing a cartridge style loading system. The unit launches .68 caliber paintball-like projectiles filled with PAVA powder that explode on impact.

The PavaBalls travel up to 175 FPST engulfing the target in a 3-6 foot cloud of 10% PAVA irritant. This PAVA based pepper irritant is utilized by police and military around the globe.

The Hero 2020 is equipped with a 600 lumen stun light and laser aim assist light for easy target acquisition. It is USB rechargeable and uses nitrogen power to launch the projectiles. 

Pros: Compact, easy to use design. Built in light and laser.

Cons: Only a 2 shot cartridge.

Hero 2020 Specifications:

  • Size: 5.91″ x 4.07″ x 1.1″
  • Weight: 315g
  • Power: Nitrogen or C02
  • Payloads: PavaBall, PavaGel
  • Shots: 2 shots per cartridge
  • Laser: Class 2
  • Stun Light: 600 Lumen LED
  • Battery: Rechargeable RCR 123, 5V-2.1
  • Charge Time: 2 hours

Charge Cable:  USB Mini Type A

The Hero 2020 is a compact, easy to conceal non-lethal tool anyone can use. Learn more at

Umarex T4E HDP

The Umarex T4E HDP .50 Caliber pepper ball gun is a great way to train with less-than-lethal force. The T4E pepperball gun can shoot pepper rounds, rubber balls, or powder ball projectiles, making it a versatile and effective tool for self-defense.

This launcher holds 6 rounds and is powered by 12g CO2 capsules. Whether you’re a law enforcement professional or just looking for a way to stay safe, the Umarex T4E is the perfect choice.

Pros: Low price, good size and weight

Cons: Smaller .50 caliber

Umarex T4E HDP Specifications:

  • Caliber .50
  • Magazine capacity 6 rounds
  • Ammo Pepper, Powder, and Rubber Rounds
  • Power 12g CO2

This pepper ball gun is a great buy for those on a budget. While the smaller .50 caliber holds less pepper , the weapon has good range.

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Pepper Ball Gun FAQ

What is a pepper ball gun?

A pepper ball gun, aka pepper spray gun, is a type of non-lethal weapon that fires projectiles filled with capsaicin, the active ingredient in chili peppers. These projectiles cause an intense burning sensation when they come into contact with skin or mucous membranes. Pepper ball guns are used by law enforcement agencies for riot control and crowd control, as well as by private security guards and individuals for self-defense.

What does a pepper ball gun do and how does it work?

When fired, the compressed air propels the pepper ball out of the gun’s barrel and towards the target. Upon impact, the ball bursts, releasing the powdered capsaicin and creating a cloud of pepper spray. The spray irritates the eyes, nose, and throat of the target, causing temporary discomfort, disorientation, and in some cases, incapacitation.

Are Pepper Ball guns effective?

In general, Pepper Ball guns are considered to be very effective because they can cause a lot of pain and discomfort without generally causing serious injury or death. The Byrna unit for example is used by both Animal Control and Law Enforcement agencies. That tells you something about pepper ball gun effectiveness.

Are Pepper Ball guns good for self-defense?

Pepper ball launchers are considered to be good for non lethal self-defense as they can cause discomfort and temporary blindness, which can give you enough time to escape. Waiting periods and background checks are not required like a real firearm.

How far can a PepperBall gun shoot?

Pepper ball guns can shoot pepper balls accurately up to a distance of around 60 to 150 feet, with some models having a longer range of up to 200 feet.

What caliber are pepper balls?

Pepper spray balls, are typically around 0.68 caliber. However, the exact size and weight of pepper balls can vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific model of pepper ball gun being used. The size and weight of the pepper ball can affect the velocity and distance it can travel, as well as the impact it can have upon hitting its target.

Do pepper balls work in paint ball guns?

Many paint ball guns utilize the same caliber as pepper pall launchers, while a few are designed to fire either projectile.

Are pepper ball guns legal?

The legality of pepper ball guns, also known as pepper spray ball launchers, varies by state and even by locality within each state. In general, pepper ball guns are legal to own and possess in most states in the United States, but there may be restrictions on their use and sale.

Where can I buy a pepper ball gun?

Pepperball guns can be purchased from,   

These non lethal self defense weapons are not available for delivery to all states and jurisdictions so check before ordering.

What is the Most Powerful Pepper Ball Gun Ammo?

According to my search results, the LIVE-X™ non-lethal projectile by PepperBall® is the most potent and powerful pepper balls available.

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