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Concealed Self Defense Weapons

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There are places and times when you can’t carry a knife or stun gun for self protection. But, there are smart alternatives available which will enable you to defend yourself without the others knowing you have something stealthily hidden’

One smart choice is self defense earrings. These can be found on Amazon for under $10. If you are walking back to your own vehicle in a garage and you notice somebody sketchy tailing you, then you are able to take these out and place them on your fingers like rings.

They have two spikes attached, similar to brass knuckle spikes that will damage the attacker’s face. They are available in a number of colors and appear ordinary, so nobody could ever suspect that they had been designed to be utilized as a weapon.

Another fantastic alternate is that a key knife. CRKT makes knives that are amazing and among these is a knife designed to appear to be a key. This knife is exactly the identical size and form as ordinary keys, so if you kept it on your keychain, no one would even notice it. These weapons are offered in multiple colors, and are sold for approximately $8 on Amazon. You may use this as a regular tool or even a self-defense weapon.

Another option is known as the Cat keychain, which resembles a cat’s head with ears are sharp at the tips. You can put your fingers in the eye holes and providing a scary striking weapon.

But there other stealth self defense weapons beyond small sharp things. You can get several distinct types of pepper spray which are designed to look totally inconspicuous. A company called SABRE, the exact same company that provides police everywhere with their pepper spray, makes a small can of pepper spray designed to seem like lipstick. When you take off the cap, you find a tiny spray nozzle. When pressed as you’d expect, it shoots out a stream of pepper spray.

For another option, Police Magnum creates a pepper spray disguised as an ink pen. This appears to be a common item, yet contains UV dye within the liquid.

There are multiple types of hidden in plain sight self defense gadgets on the market, but you need to be certain the merchandise is of quality. It’s also wise to be certain that you assess the legality of carrying concealed weapons such as these in your region, since they can be illegal. The very last thing you need is to be fined or arrested for protecting yourself.

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