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Discreet Weapons

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What is a discreet weapon? A discreet weapon is one that can be hidden in plain sight. When considering the best discreet weapons for self defense, you have to consider two things: your opponent and what you’re going to do once you get within range. Your first decision should be whether to use a concealed weapon, and if so what type of weapons (or combination of weapons) should you carry.

In this article we’ll take a look at some of the most effective concealed weapons available: the walking stick, the kubaton, and the tactical pen.

The walking stick is one of the oldest and best discreet weapons available for self defense. In a nutshell, it’s a long, cane like instrument that you can hold in one hand and which can be used as either a bludgeon or a walking stick. You can also use it as a cane, a baton, or as a flail.

A kubaton is a very discreet weapon but can be quite effective. These devices are generally made of solid plastic in the shape of a cylinder and attach to a key chain. A kubaton can be used as a bludgeon, an offensive weapon to deliver a quick attack against your attacker.

The last item on our list of the most popular and effective concealable weapons is the tactical pen. Tactical pens are usable writing instruments wrapped in strong metal. They are effective for self defense in the office and on the street. Used much like the kubaton a tactical pen can inflict damage to an attacker and even break windows if necessary.

These are but a few of the available discreet weapons are a great way to defend yourself when you are out shopping, or going to the movies. They can also be used for an offensive weapon to deliver a quick attack against an attacker. Regardless of the situation, these weapons are an excellent everyday carry option for any man or woman.

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