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How To Carry Pepper Spray



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All of us, everyone we care about, should carry pepper spray and carry it everywhere we go. The news is full of the terrible aftereffects of today’s predators. These thugs and psychos prowl day and night, searching for the weak, unsuspecting, and unprepared. Don’t allow a quick trip to the corner mart or a quiet evening walk to become a nightmare or worse; once you have committed to refuse to be a victim, learn how to carry and use pepper spray.

Carry the largest size you can comfortably and still maintain concealment, typically a 2 oz. Canister unit that can easily clip to belt or purse. If you do not carry a purse, then select a belt holster. Practice your holster draw until you can effectively get it out and on target in a second or two, as that may be all you have. Keep your pepper spray “upside down” in the holster so that it comes upright and ready to spray when you draw.

For models with a built-in clip, keep this on either your belt or the front edge of your purse and under the flap. Try it in different ways, but you want to place it where your hand can quickly move to it naturally. Pepper Spray is a surprise weapon, and you want to give your attacker the least amount of forewarning of the spray. For purse carry, your hand should be able to rest on the canister as you walk.

If you are threatened, you can unclip and make ready, but your self-defense system is instantly available if you develop the habit of “palming” the spray as you go about your daily routine. Even if your purse is snatched from you, the pepper spray is still in your hand and ready to defend you.

The pepper spray key chain is another handy way to carry your defense spray. Unlikely to be forgotten and readily in hand at the vulnerable point upon entering a car or home, but you must develop proper habits with this model. Ensure you have a quick-release link; you don’t want to have your defense spray dangling uselessly with your keys in the door if trouble starts. Practice finding what’s natural for you but either separate the keys and keep the spray in hand or use two hands ready to rip the spray-free even with keys in the lock.

The Mace pepper baton offers another weapon as the mini baton can be used quite effectively with a bit of training. Beyond the spray, the baton can be used to jab and apply painful pressure locks to control a more powerful attacker.

An increasingly popular way to carry your defense spray is with a pepper pager. This unit travels unnoticed and is always handy on your belt. A typical unit carries two canisters for double the output. This is a must for real-estate personnel, delivery persons, office workers etc., as it readily blends into the work environment. Other disguised methods include the pepper pen that quickly goes with you and can be as handy as your shirt pocket.

A pretty ingenious method of carrying pepper spray, not only for women, is the Stunning Ring. It comes with a genuine Onyx stone in silver or gold plated setting that goes anywhere. Not solely for date-rape protection, though no woman should be without one, this ring will always be ready when you need it. You won’t lose or forget to carry this ring and it can be activated with one hand, the cartridges
are even replaceable!

As we have seen, there are various ways to carry your pepper spray, but the most crucial part is CARRY. Leaving it at home or in the glove box may cost you dearly, possibly even your life. Stuffed in a pocket or “somewhere” in the bottom of your purse is not an option in today’s world.

For home defense, keep a large canister of pepper spray by your front door and another by your bedside. But when you are away from home, please carry your defense spray at all times. Practice your moves till you can be ready to fire in seconds, even in the dark. The thugs and psychos are out there looking for easy victims, don’t be one of them!.

With an awareness of your surroundings and backed by a robust defense weapon, the added confidence in your walk will go farther than you may think to convince the creeps that you are likely to put up a fight, and this is not what they are looking for.

Please practice helping your friends, children and others to be aware of the dangers out there and be ready to fight if you must.
Don’t give a potential attacker an even break. Fight hard, fight dirty, but fight.

Yesterday’s advice of passive submission to an attacker in the “hope” that he may at least leave you with your life is a recipe for disaster. In the final analysis, you will have to decide how best to respond to an attack based on the circumstances, but consider this: if you have already “planned” to give in, you have preconditioned yourself to be a victim.

The predators can spot this as quickly as the lion in Africa spots the weak ones in the herd as he plans his attack. Resolve yourself to fight; no one has the right to assault you, threaten you, terrorize you, and “maybe” leave you your life. Carry this mental attitude everywhere. You will find this will serve you well as the predators will recognize your power and move on in search of easier prey.

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My name is Jake and this website dedicated to self defense weapons. I studied Criminal Justice in the Netherlands and my mission is to empower individuals to protect themselves and their loved ones with the best tools available.

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Per FTC regulations we are required to disclose that “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases” and other programs at no extra cost to you. Please refer to our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.

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