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There are multiple options for self defense knives and below we’ll take a look at some of the more popular options.

Swiss Army: If you’re looking for an everyday carry or travel knife, the Swiss army knife is your best option. It’s strong, it’s small enough to fit in any pocket, and it’s designed for the never ending task of cutting, holding, and hacking. At up to$250, these are the priciest Swiss knives for self defense, but also very useful in a survival setting.

The Karambit is a solid knife style designed solely for cutting and generally considered to be one of the best knives for self defense.

Folding Knife: This is the best types of knife you can get. They are great for every day use, and as survival tools they will keep you safe from harm. The fixed blade version of these knives is ideal for cutting and slicing on your own, but the foldable version is perfect for getting into tight places and opening cans.

Tactical Knives: These knives are the classic multi-functional tools with a lot of use in your hands. They are well known for their durability, reliability, and ease of use. Most have fingerboards as well as other protection like sheaths, pouches, or holsters. The big key to these knives is that they are meant to be carried as your most reliable defense weapon, so make sure you take the time to choose a model that’s right for your lifestyle and your needs.

Reverse Grip Knife: The reverse grip is a popular way to hold a knife because it puts more of your weight on your pinkie finger. This offers a better position for your thumb to help control the blade while using it for defense. Popular variations of the reverse grip include the butterfly, box, or baseball grips. Choose a knife with a good reverse grip and you’ll be happy with it for years.

Multi-Function Knives: The multi-functional knives are more widely-known for their concealment uses. You can switch out various blades and sheaths easily so you never have to worry about where you put them. They’re also a great choice for travel, as many of them can fit inside a baggy jacket or backpack.

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