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Best Lipstick Stun Gun Taser Reviews

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Stun Master Lipstick Stun Gun

stun gun lipstick

Looking for a tiny and unobtrusive self defense weapon that hits hard? A rechargeable lipstick stun gun can dish out a strong shock packed into a small lipstick tube. Not only is it compact and simple to operate, these are some of the smallest and most comfortable stun guns on the market.  It would also appear to be a genuine lipstick to anyone looking at it. An assailant can’t tell the difference until they are hit with the voltage.

Some stun weapons, also called tasers, are large, bulky and can be quite obvious as a weapon.  The makeup stun gun is not like that as they are   almost the same size as the real item. Carrying this type o stun gun allows  you to get the upper hand on an attacker. Most of these units are rechargeable and many come with a flashlight. Below we take a look at some of the more popular lipstick stun gun models.

Looking just like a tube of designer lipstick, this stun gun comes in black, pink, purple, gold and red with sparkly stones on the sides. This little unit packs a whopping output of 3 million volts, enough to stun the most determined attacker.

This lipstick stun gun’s charge lasts for months and recharges via a wall outlet. Dimensions for it are 5″ long, 1″ diameter with a weight of 5.6 ounces. Get yours at


This is a thoughtful and meaningful present for any woman in your life. Sexual  assault offenses are sadly widespread on college campuses and in other social environments. At a moment’s notice, you must be prepared to defend yourself.  This is just the weapon you’ll need when someone gets too close and is threatening to hurt you. When you need something lightweight and concealable to use in close quarters, the taser is ideal. It’ll give them the fright of their lives while still giving you the time you need to flee.

If you’ve shocked the intruder, don’t waste much time. Get as much space between you and him as possible. Be certain to get assistance. Inform campus administrators or police officers about the threat. Make sure the police are aware that they can apprehend the perpetrator and file a complaint. You are not only shielding yourself, but you might also be stopping an assault on someone else.


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