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Mace Brand Pepper Spray

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Mace Brand personal security products are designed to protect the user from attackers. These sprays are non-lethal and designed to hit an attacker in the face, causing swelling and temporary blindness.

These products provide a means to protect you from danger without having to draw or arm your weapon. Mace pepper spray comes in different forms that include foam, pepper spray, canister, and cartridge forms.

The foam form of Mace pepper spray is the most popular due to its ability to keep attackers at bay long enough for you to run to safety.

The spray is non-toxic and designed to quickly set off contact with the pepper spray chemicals. It is also effective against animals and insects. Mace pepper spray comes in different sizes and canisters depending on your needs. The canisters are designed with an open top to allow easy handling and portability.

Mace pepper spray is a convenient personal security and defense product to have in your own home. Mace can be sprayed from a distance of about six to ten feet. You can also use it on attackers who are coming toward you.

This means that you do not have to physically fight them, which can prove to be more difficult than you may think. Mace is available in many local retail stores as well as online. You can buy it in any local retail store that sells self defense products, and at stores that sell personal security products.

There are some precautions that you should take before using Mace pepper spray. First, keep in mind that this is a very powerful spray and may cause temporary visual effects or other reactions in your body such as coughing, choking or running your tongue.

Second, keep in mind that the effects of this product will not occur immediately. It will take up to fifteen minutes for the effects of the spray to take place.

Mace pepper spray is also designed to be easily carried with you in your hand or pocket. It is designed to be easy to use even without a lot of training. It comes with a handy carrying case that allows you to easily carry the spray in your purse, backpack or pocket. It has a rubber grip that makes it easy to hold onto. It also has an easily detachable key chain which you can easily replace by yourself.

Mace pepper spray is one of the most popular personal security products available to consumers today. It is also one of the most effective when used in a certain way. However, it is not for everyone, especially if you have an aggressive personality.

If you are trying to find a product that you can rely on no matter what happens, you will find Mace brand pepper spray to be a great choice. Mace offers its customers a personal safety product that is effective and easy to use. Learn more about Mace brand safety products here.

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