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Non Lethal Guns

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Non lethal guns are basically a sub category of self-defense weapons that will thwart an assailant at a great distance. These weapons come in many types, including paint balls, OC spray, salt and even tear gas.

Most of these weapons are powered by Co2 and have a decent range.. The benefits offered by these devices are great, particularly if you’re alone and unable to employ close or hand-to-hand combat tactics for protection.

Rounds filled with tear gas and pepper spray burst on contact and temporary blindness, breathing difficulties and inflict severe impact pain. These types of rounds are used by Police, FBI and US military.

Just the appearance of the non lethal gun can can be a deterrent to an attacker. They can be open carried for the most part as well.

These weapons no not require permits, background checks or eve waiting periods as they are not considered firearms by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

A non lethal gun is in the same class as a paintball or airsoft gun. The pepper spray and similar tear gas rounds cannot be shipped to every state due to restrictions.

Overall, these weapons are a powerful and effective form of self defense that offer many advantages over devices that require close contact to be effective.

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