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One Great Bug Out Bag Choice

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scout 3400 BOB

One of the essential components of your bug-out bag is your bag itself. You’re going to be carrying plenty of supplies, likely over long distances. It would be best if you had a comfortable bag, high capacity, and durable.

If your bag’s straps fall apart halfway through your excursion, you’re going to be in trouble. You don’t want to use something that’s going to be digging into your sides or causing you back pain – especially not when you’re walking for miles on end.

And, of course, you want to be able to fit all of your bug-out products in your bag. The Teton Sports Scout 3400 is a great internal frame backpack – and an even better candidate for a bug-out bag.

Internal frame backpacks are preferred to external frame backpacks for going off-trail because they keep all of the weight close to your body, preventing excessive swaying. It’s important to note that when packing your bug-out bag, the heaviest items should be the closest to your body, while the lighter items should be on the outer edge of your bag.

If you have all of the heavy items far from your body, they’ll make the bag sway and twist while you’re walking. The Sports Scout 3400 has tons of room for all of your needs, at a total of 55 liters, or 3400 cubic inches, of space.

The bag includes the main compartment and all of the side pockets. This bag has compartments specially made for your sleeping bag and other shelter needs, such as tents.

Unloaded, it weighs about 4.5 pounds, so you’re not lugging around anything massive or bulky. It has plenty of exterior loops and straps so you can attach things like mess kits.

It has two slots on the side for water bottles, which are tight at first but get easier to use with time. The design of the Sports Scout 3400 makes it highly comfortable to wear. It’s fully adjustable to fit your torso perfectly, with foam support pads on your back and straps that attach around your front to alleviate stress on your shoulders and back from the bag’s weight.

There’s also an attached rain cover, so the contents of your bag won’t get soaking wet. This bag is also quite durable. With the interior frame being made from aluminum, it can bend freely while still providing support. This is a bag that you can take just about anywhere, without fail.


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