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Pepper Spray

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Pepper spray, also known as oc thiopental spray, OC spray, vest-capped spray or pepper spray is an inflammatory agent usually used in riot control, policing, crowd management, and defense against stray dogs and wild animals. It causes the eyes to shut down, temporarily removing sight.

This in turn allows the user to run away from the situation without being caught. The inflammation caused by pepper spray causes coughing and wheezing and may cause some difficulty breathing. Pepper spray users often feel an instant sting in the chest and throat, followed by a heavy feeling in the chest and throat.

Pepper spray comes in different formulations for different purposes.  Pepper spray canisters vary in size and can be kept in hand pockets, handbags, belt holsters, or on elastic arm bands.

The burning sensation is not considered dangerous but will definitely make a person feel very uncomfortable and may result in temporary blindness. But this sensation has very little risk of causing permanent blindness. In fact, many individuals who have suffered from OC spray burns have been able to resume their daily activities after the burning sensation has worn off.

Because of the sometimes scary world we live in, it is recommended that individuals carry a canister of pepper spray wherever they go. The best way to be prepared is to be armed with your own personal defense device. You never know when you might need it. Choose a product that is right for you and remember that you are never too safe.

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