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Pocket Sized EDC Survival Kit

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altoids tin EDC survival kitBig doesn’t always mean better. You can pack a small survival kit in something like an Altoids tin. This is small enough to fit into your pocket, lightweight and easily accessible. You can put everything that you need to survive for a short time in a small kit.

Because it’s so small, you can always have it with you. What you put in the tin will depend on where you might find yourself surviving. You might pack your tin differently than someone else would, but some of the basics will remain the same regardless of where you are.

You need a way to be able to get a food supply. This is why many people pack fishing gear consisting of fishing line along with a hook or two and some sinkers. Snare wire can also be packed in the tin.

In the kit, you would want to pack bandages – and it’s always better to pack waterproof, flexible ones that will stay on. Pack a compass in your kit. You can find extremely small ones around an inch or smaller in size that will fit into the tin.

Put antibacterial cleanser packets or sanitizer packets in the tin. This can be used to clean injuries as well as to disinfect items. Add an antibiotic ointment packet as well. Keep super glue or a small roll of medical tape in the tin.

Either one can be used to treat a wound that’s too deep or big for a Band-Aid. If you have room, keep both. You’ll want something to start a fire so keep a small fire starter tool in there.

A birthday candle along with some waterproof matches is a good idea as well. The tin is big enough to hold a small folding knife as well as some safety pins and a sewing needle.

These can be used to repair clothing as well as for things like removing splinters. You’ll want medication in the tin such as pain medication, anti-nausea medicines and anti-diarrhea medication.

You can get these in the small packets so that they don’t take up much room. You’ll need something to use to treat water so it’s safe to drink. There are small packets of purification tablets that you can get to fit in the tin and for carrying water, you can store a folded, yet durable water bag.

A mini, lightweight signal mirror can fit into an Altoids tin. You can find many that are smaller than the size of your palm. Put a square of aluminum foil in your tin, too. The foil has multiple uses – from use as a signal to using for food preparation and cooking.

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