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Reflex Protect

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Reflex Protect is a safety preparedness company “dedicated to alleviating unnecessary suffering from violence by providing the most innovative and effective non-lethal products and training for anywhere people live, work, worship, or play.

The firm offers non-lethal self-defense sprays and violence response training designed for your home or workplace settings.

What sets Reflex Protect products apart from ordinary pepper spray?

The main ingredient in your average pepper spray is capsaicin (aka OC). The Reflex Protect product utilizes an innovative liquid formula, widely used in Europe containing chlorobenzalmalonitrile (aka CS), a chemical compound used in tear gas. The CS based Presidia Gel is “self-dissipating”  as well as sticky, making it easier to work, more effective, and much more suitable for indoor or windy weather. The 2.5 and 5oz models are equipped with a patented spray head and an ergonomic handle for great accuracy.


reflex protect


These products offer some of the best stopping power available with a range of up to 15′ with a narrow, accurate stream. The powerful ingredients can debilitate your attacker with extreme pain and temporary blindness providing you with time to escape the situation.

The effects of the spray can be neutralized with the company’s Reflex Remove decontaminate solution much more quickly than your average pepper spray with a dissipation rate of about fifteen minutes.

The product’s “stickiness” means that cross contamination and the spraying of unintended individuals is unlikely.

Home Use: If you looking for a powerful, non lethal self defense weapon for your home, Reflex Protect is for you. A lot can happen in the time it takes for the Police to arrive. Be prepared to defend yourself and you family with one of the top self defense solutions on the market.

Industrial Use: Reflex Protect can provide non lethal security options for businesses, schools, churches and more. The firm can not only provide the Presidia Gel but training and inert practice canisters as well. Reflex Protect is a must if you value your employees and customers and clients.

Reflex Protect offers multiple products including:

  • Reflex Protect Pocket 1.9oz
  • Reflex Protect Pocket 2.5oz
  • Reflex Protect Pocket 5oz
  • Decontaminate Solutions
  • Training Aids
  • Accessories


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