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Sabre Red Brand Pepper Spray

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If you were to ever buy a self-defense spray, one of the first things you may look for is the strength of the spray. After all, if it is as potent as the defense spray of an army, then why would anyone bother to buy a less powerful spray? The reality is that the strength of a self-defense spray does not depend on the concentration of the active agent. While some people may be more sensitive than others, everyone can take a dosage of self defense spray as long as they are within the guidelines set by the manufacturer. Here are a few facts about OC and why it is so popular with law enforcement personnel.

Sabre pepper spray (HACCP) is an oc spray that is considered to be the most effective non-lethal personal protection product available on the market today. The OC is derived from the seed of the Serrate family of pepper plants. When sprayed, the plant expels a cloud of highly concentrated volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are highly dangerous when introduced into the blood stream. These chemicals attach themselves onto the proteins in the body, causing a breakdown in the cellular membrane. Once there, the proteins are broken down into their component parts and then absorbed into the circulatory system, causing irritation, inflammation, and pain.

Most HACCP products have a limited lifetime of use; while some will remain effective after as little as five years of constant use, many of the aerosols are intended for expiration dates of up to ten years. OC is contained within the plant material and is extremely fragile, easily degrading if held under stress for too long. The aerosol must be spread on a smooth surface with proper air ventilation before use and must be stored away from any heat source, as it could melt plastic. An easy way to test whether the spray is still effective is to shake the canister and if a vapor or oily residue remains, the spray is no longer effective.

The aerosol itself is small and spherical in shape, being about the size of a golf ball, but it doesn’t look anything like. Instead, the canister looks more like a squirt bottle and is often referred to as a “sabre bottle.” In fact, the spray looks more dangerous than the actual plant, which is exactly why HACCP was developed. By making the sabre pepper spray dispenser extremely easy to use, the industry has taken great care to ensure that the end user does not have to worry about damaging the product or wasting valuable time waiting for it to expire.

Sabre Red carries a full line of products including compact, key chain and athletic pepper sprays as well as dog and bear repellents. Find Sabre Red Pepper Sprays here.


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