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Self Defense Weapons For Seniors

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Seniors are more vulnerable than younger people and their safety is a high priority. Seniors are often targets for robbing and attacks because of their compromised states. Knowing what you can use as a self-defense weapon could be the difference between life and death for you one day!

Below we discuss the best self-defense weapons for seniors and how you can best utilize each of them. We also discuss legal self-defense weapons in California and New York.

Best Weapons for Seniors

Here they are, the best weapons for seniors:

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is a small and versatile weapon that causes the person to choke and cough when sprayed. It also temporarily disables their vision, allowing you time to get away. They are lightweight, and you can carry them in a pocket or purse. When you spray the attacker, make sure to close your eyes and hold your breath so you are not disabled as well.


Tasers are another great weapon for seniors. They are small and easy to use. You turn it on and it will shock your attacker so they can no longer run or move. The temporary paralyzation gives you time to escape and get help. They are better than pepper spray because you do not risk getting sprayed in the process, but they do require you to be much closer to the attacker.

Walking Stick

If you are using a walking stick to get around, you already have a great weapon in your hand. You can use it to hit your attacker and strike them repeatedly. If you are strong enough to hit them effectively, walking sticks can be an extremely effective weapon. 


Another weapon that you likely already carry around is a handbag. These are very painful when swung at someone’s neck or groin area. Handbags can be easily slipped off of your shoulder and swung around. The more weight that is in them, the more damage they will do. 


If you are walking to or from your car, you can grip your keychain with the key poking out from in between your fingers with your hand in a fist. This gives you a spiked knuckle that can save your life if someone ambushes you. Stab your attacker with your key fist and aim for spots like the eyes, abdomen, neck, or other sensitive areas. 


Most people have a spare pen lying around in the car or tucked in their purses. This is another item that could save your life one day. You can carry a pen as a weapon and use it to punch your attacker, similar to how you would with keys. This will startle the person and allow you time to get away. Tactical pens are inexpensive and are fully functional as well.

Alarm Keychains

Alarm keychains can be as simple as a whistle or more complex, like a button on your keychain that makes a loud alarm and alerts authorities when pressed. Many companies make these keychains, and they may end up saving your life one day. You just have to be wary of accidentally pressing it.

Protection Tips

You can follow a few simple tips to protect yourself from threats when you are out and about. 

One of them is to always travel with someone else. You never want to be walking anywhere alone if you can avoid it.

The second tip is to go out during the daytime when it is busy and crowded. Avoid traveling places at night time or going to vacant areas. 

When you go to a store or restaurant, make sure you park as close to the building as you can to limit your walking distance. Looking into proper home security is another good idea as a senior, especially if you are living alone.

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