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Stun Guns

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Stun guns and their cousin Tasers are non-lethal personal protection devices that use a powerful high voltage (mildly million volts) electric stimulus to cause temporary but intense pain and muscle contraction.

Stun guns offer personal protection through pain compliance without the need for a physical confrontation with an attacker. Stun guns do not require the use of a cartridge and are available in many different sizes, styles, and designs. Some of the most popular models are discussed below.

The TASER device is one of the best known and most commonly used stun guns. It is small and can be carried on the person similar to a real firearm. Because it is so small and portable, the TASER is one of the best options when you are searching for self defense products that require minimal preparation and training.

A personal protective weapon (PPW) like the TASER offers great advantages over other options when an attacker attacks you. The TASER is designed to disable the attacker by stunning the muscles and sending the person into temporary unconsciousness and from distance.

An attacker’s attack is stopped in its tracks when the TASER disables the muscles necessary for further movement. If the TASER is used in a critical situation, the attacker will be rendered helpless as the electrical impulses stop his heart and nervous system functions.

Personal protection stun guns are available in both gas and non-electric forms. Most people prefer the non-electric form because they can be worn just about anywhere and will give the best possible results while still being convenient and easy to carry around.

Non-electric stun guns can be discharged through the skin, or even directly into the hand (if non-electric). If the attacker is hit with an electrical stun gun, he will be aware of the fact that he has been touched by electricity. Though this will not prevent him from fighting back against you, it will reduce the chance of serious injury. The range of a stun gun is basically the length of your arm.

A TASER rechargeable battery operated personal protection device delivers the same level of effectiveness as an electrical stun gun through the application of two metal prongs fired with a charge. When a TASER is discharged, these two metal prongs make contact with the muscle and transmit the electricity.

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