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Taser Bolt 2 w/2-Cart/Target White

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The TASER Bolt 2 is a type of energy weapon, also known as a conducted electrical weapon (CEW), that is designed to incapacitate a person through the use of electrical current.

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It is a non-lethal weapon that is often used by law enforcement and security personnel to subdue individuals who are noncompliant or pose a threat.

The TASER Bolt 2 is a handheld device that can be fired from a distance of up to 15 feet. It fires two small darts attached to the device by thin wires that deliver a high-voltage, low-amperage electrical current to the target.

This current disrupts the target’s nervous system, causing muscle contractions and incapacitation. The TASER Bolt 2 also has a built-in laser sight that helps the user aim at the target.

The Bolt 2 has a working distance of 15′, uses one cartridge at a time and can immobilize attackers for up to 30 seconds. The unit also automatically notifies 911 after deployment  when paired with the Axon Protect app.

Taser offers “Safe Escape Replacement” which allows you to leave the unit at get to safety and not worry about losing your self defense investment.

What’s Included:

  • Bolt 2 Device
  • Wrist Strap
  • 2 Live Cartridges
  • 2 CR123 Batteries (Installed)
  • Practice Target


HOUSING: High Impact Polymer
OPERATING TEMPERATURE: – 4° F to 122° F [-20° C to 50° C]
HUMIDITY: 85% Relative, Non-condensing
LASER: Red Class 2
ILLUMINATION: 210 Lumen Light Emitting Diode (LED)
WARRANTY: 1 Year from Date of Receipt
SERVICE LIFE: 5 Years (Recommended)
DIMENSIONS: 6.5″ l x 1.6″ w x 2.4″ h
BATTERY TYPE: Replaceable CR123 Lithium Batteries
WEIGHT: 8.4 oz

It is important to note that use of TASER or other CEW’s should be used only in accordance with the law and regulations of the country and the department where it is used. Additionally, the use of such weapons should be done with care and respect for human rights and safety.

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