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Top Running Self Defense Products

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Whether you are a runner, casual jogger or like to take walks, you should always have some sort of self defense weapon on your person. Attackers look for the easiest of victims. Easy victims don’t pay attention to their surroundings and are not prepared to defend themselves.

Below, we list some excellent forms of self defense for runners. And these devices are not mutually exclusive when exercising in public. We recommend multiple forms of self defense to account for different situations.  As always, check with local municipality to determine which devices are legal in your area.

SABRE RED Pepper Spray:

Sabre is the leading brand in Pepper Spray, trusted by major police departments across the country and is made in the USA.

The product has a remarkable 35 bursts of police level pepper spray available in the canister with a 10′ strong stream radius.

The spray is securely stored on an adjustable armband perfect for physical activities. Sabre has a four year shelf life and comes with instructional information.

Runners Personal Alarm

runners personal alarmSometimes the best defense is a great offense. If you suspect trouble is brewing just pull the pin on this baby and everyone within 4 city blocks will know about it.

This personal siren emits 130dB of ear piercing noise that will immediately deter bad guys and attract attention to your situation.

The adjustable, reflective and sweat proof strap lets you wear it on your wrist or bicep for easy access. It uses replaceable batteries and has a test button so you know you are ready to run.

Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun

stun gun for runnersThis hand held unit offers a 950,000 volt punch to anyone who gets too close to you. Your hand wraps around the soft rubber grip for a no slip grip.

The unit has a built in safety switch easily accessed with your thumb and your finger is always on the trigger. This makes split second, one handed self defense easy.

The Knuckle Blaster comes with a quality nylon belt case for fast access if you prefer not to carry it by hand.

Mace Spray for Women

women runner maceHave potent protection on the run with this Police grade self defense Mace spray. More than just stylish, the bright pink color is a deterrent to any would be attacker.

Weighing just 18 grams, the unit has a 12′ reach and up to 20 spray bursts. Once hit, the bad guy will suffer from respiratory distress, coughing, impaired vision, and intense burning to the skin.

There is a flip top safety to prevent accidental discharge and an adjustable strap for better grip and accuracy.

Vipertek Flashlight Stun Gun

stungun for joggersIf you run after dark lighting is always a good idea. Combine that with a powerful stun gun and you have the perfect running mate.

This rechargeable unit produces a frightening 59 billion volts. Just the sight and sound of this will scare most bad guys away. But if they do get close enough, getting a jolt will put them down.

The wrist strap is also a safety pin so the unit cannot be used against you if dropped or taken away. The rubber coating assures a good grip.

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